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A diagnosis of cancer is a shock that no one handles easily. Living with a serious disease is difficult. Cancer patients and those who care about them face major problems and challenges.


In 1986, a group of Island patients began to meet regularly to share their experience, strength, and hopes. They became the original Martha's Vineyard Cancer Support Group, a group for cancer patients, their families, and closest friends.


The MV Cancer Support Group will now be hosting zoom meetings every Wednesday at 5pm. Participation is voluntary and everyone will get an invite via email. Interested participants should send their email address to: 
and the host will include them.

If you have cancer, or if you care about someone who does, you should know about the M.V. Cancer Support Group. Help and support for you and your loved ones is just a phone call....or a meeting away.


There is value in joining a support group. Research studies indicate that cancer patients in support groups live longer and have a better quality of life.


Cancer patients often need financial assistance as well as emotional support.That's why the non-profit M.V. Cancer Support Group Inc. was created. One of our aims is to enhance the quality of life for Vineyard cancer patients, survivors, and their families, by providing temporary and emergency financial assistance. The funds we provide are used primarily for travel expenses not covered by insurance. We also provide information about resources available to Vineyard cancer patients on the island and elsewhere in New England.
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